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Marijuana compound could be used to treat psychosis in young people | The Examiner

This was my experience. Cannabis cured my psychosis in my late teens/early 20s (specific timing is vague now) and I have remained on daily doses ever since.


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Native Advertising, Explained in a Comic Strip

Matt Carlson

I had a paper accepted to a poster session at the AEJMC conference in Montreal. While posters offer a great opportunity for scholars to mingle and talk, I always have trouble converting my research into a poster. This year I took a different tack and translated my research into a cultural form perfect for displaying information in a visually interesting manner: the comic strip. It may seem a bit unusual, but it does communicate the basic ideas of the paper. For the more in-depth treatment, a revised version of this paper will be appearing soon in Journalism. It is available now through OnlineFirst (behind the paywall). But for a comic synopsis, enjoy: 









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Jason Rumpff”When the Humans Saw Red”web:… | Life & Inspiration

Jason Rumpff?When the Humans Saw Red?web:?

Jason Rumpff
?When the Humans Saw Red?



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Marijuana Versus Your Smart Phone; Which is More Likely To Impair Thought?

Latest Art Prints from INPRNT

“Ghost #5” by @Aldokatayanagi

Print available at

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le vélo en libre … vélib’ !

friloux en france

I have a sensitive face. Just look at me the wrong way or after some wine I’ll turn all sorts of red. These things happen pretty often. Also if I use the wrong kind of soap my face turns into a mess.. and not the hot kind. In preparation for my trip I made some handmade soap so I would have something I could be sure was nice and gentle for my face. The thing I didn’t really consider is that I made a slightly different recipe so it could double as a shampoo in a pinch. Unfortunately this was a really bad choice. Also, I didn’t bring anything else. So after a couple days of suffering this horrible soap I decided that I should go buy some. Naturally I looked up a nice and fancy perfumerie and soap shop. Naturally. Also, they have a new location in Montmartre. My…

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