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Marijuana compound could be used to treat psychosis in young people | The Examiner

This was my experience. Cannabis cured my psychosis in my late teens/early 20s (specific timing is vague now) and I have remained on daily doses ever since.


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Native Advertising, Explained in a Comic Strip

Matt Carlson

I had a paper accepted to a poster session at the AEJMC conference in Montreal. While posters offer a great opportunity for scholars to mingle and talk, I always have trouble converting my research into a poster. This year I took a different tack and translated my research into a cultural form perfect for displaying information in a visually interesting manner: the comic strip. It may seem a bit unusual, but it does communicate the basic ideas of the paper. For the more in-depth treatment, a revised version of this paper will be appearing soon in Journalism. It is available now through OnlineFirst (behind the paywall). But for a comic synopsis, enjoy: 









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Jason Rumpff”When the Humans Saw Red”web:… | Life & Inspiration

Jason Rumpff?When the Humans Saw Red?web:?

Jason Rumpff
?When the Humans Saw Red?



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Marijuana Versus Your Smart Phone; Which is More Likely To Impair Thought?

Mary Jane Content

It should come as no surprise that cannabis use affects a person’s short-term memory, but so does multi-tasking. In fact, engaging in too many activities at once can actually cause you to display some of the same symptoms as marijuana intoxication without the negative connotation.

Ironically, though being high and multitasking cause similar tendencies, those who multitask typically believe they are actually accomplishing more by doing so.

So, which is it? Will cannabis make you more or less productive than your cell phone, tablet, laptop and television? This article compares the two so that you can decide.

How cannabis affects memory loss

Rumor has it that smoking weed can make a person lazy, stupid and unmotivated. And, though parts of this may be true during the high, the stereotype does not necessarily apply after the high wears off. In fact, contrary to popular belief, long-term marijuana use does not have…

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Latest Art Prints from INPRNT

“Ghost #5” by @Aldokatayanagi

Print available at

#art #print #artist #illustration

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le vélo en libre … vélib’ !

friloux en france

I have a sensitive face. Just look at me the wrong way or after some wine I’ll turn all sorts of red. These things happen pretty often. Also if I use the wrong kind of soap my face turns into a mess.. and not the hot kind. In preparation for my trip I made some handmade soap so I would have something I could be sure was nice and gentle for my face. The thing I didn’t really consider is that I made a slightly different recipe so it could double as a shampoo in a pinch. Unfortunately this was a really bad choice. Also, I didn’t bring anything else. So after a couple days of suffering this horrible soap I decided that I should go buy some. Naturally I looked up a nice and fancy perfumerie and soap shop. Naturally. Also, they have a new location in Montmartre. My…

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