Art. Music. Life. Et cetera.

Back in the old days on LiveJournal and shit like that, I always had a habit of titling any given post with a lyric from whatever song I was listening to at that moment. I guess the old tradition will continue for no better reason than sheer habit even though I haven’t blogged on a personal level for years.

I’m a little surprised to find myself doing this and I’m also not sure I’ll stick with it. But in writing on Smokefax I keep having urges to reblog stuff that’s not topical to Smokefax, or write something personal, or just generally say and do stuff that doesn’t fit there. So since the urge hasn’t gone away after a couple weeks of tending to Smokefax, I decided to go ahead and make myself a personal blog as well. Chimera has one too at Whispering Yell, but I don’t think he’s used it yet. He asked for it, but will he use it? Well, maybe he will in the end.

I used to really love surf medleys, apparently. I’ve got a ridiculous amount on this machine. This is my old computer, which we usually don’t have plugged in. I’ve been sitting here all evening listening to music I used to listen to all the time in my teens and early 20s. I turn 30 this year, so, yeah, it’s been a while. But it all still feels the same, like yesterday. Music is funny like that.

Maybe writing like this will help me get going with art, too. I’ve been in a dry zone for art for a while now and only sporadic breakout attempts. I think the last time I was really artistically prolific was December ’07, when I did a huge bunch of paintings, most of which are incomprehensible to me now. I get way too into tiny, tiny, tiny differences in color and detail so that I focus on making some itty bitty thing everywhere ‘perfect’ but then the gestalt of the canvas becomes a muddy mess meaning nothing.

This medley IS pretty sexy, at that.

Ugh. This is already starting to sound, feel, and read like all the old blog posts, all that time ago. Is there some, like, astrological thing going on right now to make me all nostalgic? Or does nothing ever really change? (Not sure which version I like least.)

I think I may be the only person who genuinely likes this song, but I don’t care. Then again, come to think of it, I bet a lot of people my age wouldn’t even know this song if I played it for them. Shame what people my age and younger tend to think is music, but there you go. (Oops, am I being a musical elitist again? I guess metalheads never grow out of that to some degree. I’m not nearly as big a dick as I was at, say, 17, at least. I actually listen to nonmetal now, and admit to liking it. At that age, such would’ve been utter blasphemy unless it was classical or something else intelligent like that. We had a weird value system musically but by God we stuck to it.)

Mitch wants to “check things”. I should shut up anyway. But until/unless I forget about this thing, you’re stuck with me. Hooray.


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