Art. Music. Life. Et cetera.

First, let me preface this rather egotistical post (who am I to be telling you all how to jump start your creative process?) with a disclaimer: I’m new to blogging. Can you tell? This is my second post. But in a Digital Storytelling class I attended, I was directed to this ridiculous and pretty wonderful site which helps would-be bloggers come up with topics! It’s true, you can find anything on the internet.

Second disclaimer: I do have some experience as a painter, writer, seamstress, cook, and very amateur musician about the creative process. If this is enough to convince you to read on, then I’ve done my work for the day. And why 9? Because 10 was too many.

  1. Make creativity a daily habit. So maybe you don’t have time to paint an entire picture, or write five vineschapters, or sew your entire quilt, but you do have time to quickly sketch…

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