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Thoughts on anime

Sometimes you think that you know anime, you know how it looks like, what kind of stories it tells. Sure, anime is way more than high school boy and girls with big eyes eating cake in the club room, but still, you have watched enough to know what anime is all about. For example, if I show that cartoon I’ve written about a few months ago – The Old Man and the Sea – you’ll immediately be able to tell that this is not an anime, and you’ll be right, of course. This strange way of drawing using paint on glass, the way the story is told, even character designs, all that is just not anime. Hmmm, but wait, is that really so?..

matryoshka - Monotonous Purgatory pic2 That is oil on glass technique. Wait till you see how it looks in motion :P

Let me tell you about a short anime made by Shiroki Saori for a music band…

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