Art. Music. Life. Et cetera.

I have been painting a lot recently. At first, I was driven more by a stubborn determination to make art whether I felt actively pushed to or not. Then it was like a spark caught, and within a day or two, I’d used four of the five canvasboards I bought, plus my last canvas. I am now contemplating painting over – or at least reworking and improving – old, bad works from late 2007. Of course, I’m not done with everything. The Cosmonaut painting is barely begun, really. And I’ll want to add another layer or two to at least one of the oil paintings, after they finally, finally dry.

I had fun with the oils though, slow to dry or not. I use coconut oil with my oil paint. I know, waste of good food, but it makes such a nice texture mixed with the oil paint, and also cleans the brushes nicely afterward, too. (Though, I try not to use it to clean unless I don’t have any other brush cleaner, since it’s kind of expensive.) Anyway, I took one of my bigger chisel brushes and brushed a layer of pure coconut oil over one of my canvasboards, then applied unmixed oil paint directly from the tube to it. Wheeee! It was like oil paint watercolor, but different. Later on I put it in front of a fan, which made some really interesting patterns.

I’ll have to try to get photos of some of this stuff soon. I also need to figure out how to start actually selling things. It sucks, but I can’t afford to keep painting unless I sell a good portion of my work so I can keep buying supplies. I don’t have a rich patron keeping me afloat, alas. I tried to figure out how you get a vendor’s booth at the farmer’s market – they sell lots more than produce at the Vacaville one – but I couldn’t find any good information on it. Might have to resort to Etsy or somesuch but then I’ll have to have a reliable way of getting good images of my work online. I don’t own a camera, my tablet is broken at the moment, and my paintings are waaayy bigger than the only scanner I have access to… so it’s either resort to bad “assembled” images scanned in pieces and then put together in some editing program, which I’ve never been able to pull off without some ugly seaming or other problem, or somehow borrow a camera or smartphone or something from… someone.

Meh… I’ll figure it out.

Got advice from my brother about nutrients for my plants. I’m going strictly organic, of course. My two Blue Dream ladies are doing really well now, especially the one that was never hit with mites. Even the one that had mites is all better now and beginning to try to catch up with her sister. If they keep growing at this rate, by the end of October, the bigger one ought to be three feet tall at least. I’m looking forward to nurturing them through their growth. I know some people wish they could make it as fast as possible, and I admit there’s something really cool about the idea of really fast crops. But at the same time, I enjoy caring for the plants, even if I’m physically limited in how much work I can actually do. (For example, Chimera has to do all the digging and similar heavy work.)

It’s very satisfying to watch them get bigger and stronger, day by day. The milestones are to be savored – though of course, what milestones occur will depend to some degree on whether you’re raising seeds or clones. For seed, there are, of course, the first peeking of the root; being planted; breaching the surface of the medium for the first time; the dropping of the seed-shell and the unfurling of the cotyledons, also known as the seed leaves; the emergence of the first pair of true leaves… it goes on and on! For clones, it’s more like this: Being potted or placed in medium for the first time; successfully rooting and recovering from planting stress; and beginning of first new growth since planting. From this point on, the two are similar – the first big upward growth spurt; the first definite proto-flowers by which the plants can be sexed (may yours always be females except when you want to breed them, dear reader!); the first branches coming in; I could go on forever, all the way out to the final signs of ripening and bud maturity.

It is annoyingly warm in this room. My brain is slowly turning to mush even though I’m sitting right in front of a fan.

Also, I really wish the dogs would stop barking at every single thing. It makes me want to tape their muzzles closed. I never really would, but the thought crosses my mind at times. It’s especially annoying because one of them at least knows the ‘quiet’ command, so I was relying on her to set a good example, but no, she’s just ignoring me and following the loud dog’s example. I need to make the alpha position and who’s holding it much clearer ASAP.

And now people. Bye for now.


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