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The latest smear on marijuana is the ad that claims marijuana brownies will be the next date-rape drug. Oh my, what a load of bullcrap! Give me a break! Where do folks come up with this nonsense? In all the years I have used marijuana – with the opposite sex, I might add – never once (and never will it happen), did this occur. This is insane. Now, how many stories have we heard about the college girls getting drunk and ending up date raped, only to discover it when they awaken in the morning? What I’m saying is, when you smoke marijuana (unlike alcohol, which is legal), you don’t lose inhibitions, you don’t lose sense of your surroundings, and it certainly doesn’t impair you to the point you pass out. There ARE date-rape drugs, and you know what? Those SHOULD be illegal. But pot as a date-rape drug? Come on!…

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