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You won’t find the following pictures in an art gallery.  In fact, you may be more likely to find them in a science lab.  The images below are photographs of axons and dendrites.  They are stunning, and would you believe they are inside you?

Dissected Neurons “Dissected Neurons,” Life, October 1971 – Photo Courtesy of SVA Library

Yep, the cells in your brain; that’s what they look like.  Axons and dendrites are parts of neurons, “nerve cell[s] that [are] the basic building block[s] of the nervous system” (2).  

neuron Photo Courtesy of Jim Pryor

These images of actual neurons are magnificent.  Their abstract nature would be difficult to recreate.  How simple they are in their beauty, yet how complicated they are in their function, transferring information throughout our bodies both chemically and electrically.

Even more neurons Stained Pyramidal Neurons in Cerebral Cortex – Photo Courtesy of

  Who knew we had such masterpieces inside of our heads?

Enjoy — Jo



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