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6.1 Earthquake

Yeah, this woke me up half an hour ago. Nothing really fell in our home except a painting I’d set out to dry yesterday… didn’t seriously muss the painting, luckily, but now there’s a big splotch of oil paint in the bathtub. Hell with it… I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Absurdly I keep expecting there to be news about it already. Obviously since nothing was damaged nobody’s gonna get out of bed over this, but still. I guess I don’t know how to react to an earthquake except by reading about it. Goodness knows it’s the first time I’ve felt one that big as an adult. The last time I remember feeling anything that big was, well, during Loma Prieta, the last so-called “Big One”. (Probably half the new transplants in the area shit their pants thinking this was the next one.) Actually it’d’ve been worse but the shock was like six miles underground so even though it was close by it didn’t do as much damage as a magnitude 6 potentially can. 

So now I’m wide awake. Blah. I want to go back to sleep but being shaken awake did something to my brain whereby I can’t relax back into that drowsy drift-off state. So I guess I’ll just sit up, smoke weed, and type until I get sleepy again.

People are funny about earthquakes. I honestly think I might have slept right through it if it hadn’t happened the way it did, with a smaller rumble followed by a sudden intense shaking that went on and on and on. But there are probably all kinds of afraid people running around in the area right now nervous a bigger one is coming. Of course the odds are like 90% that it’s all over and done with for a good while, at least for that fault. Still I had no idea we’d a fault in American Canyon. Interesting. 

Also, just to contribute my own bit of anecdotal data, as far as I can tell, the dogs didn’t become aware of the earthquake until we did. They were asleep too though so maybe predicting earthquakes ahead of time is something they only do if they’re awake. 

Now Mitch is awake and trying to get my attention. So I guess I’ll go try to get sleepy again some way besides typing… 


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