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I’m all over the place today.

I was going to discuss Kim Kardashian’s boobs and her incessant need to share them, but then it occurred to me that there’s not a whole lot of value in discussing something with such an obvious answer.  Self worth is a delicate mystery.

I moved on to a post about whether or not baseball players can still chew tobacco.  I was at Michael’s birthday dinner and there was a baseball game on.  It looked like they were spitting sunflower seeds.  I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that chewing tobacco was banned.  If it was, I think that annoys me.  I didn’t care enough to check and write a whole post about it, but baseball should stay sweaty male and yucky spit.

I briefly entertained sharing my thoughts about the shooting and subsequent riots, but it’s Monday and I’m not in the mood to be perplexed…

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