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The Interestings

Inspired by Books


Running hard after an extraordinary life turns out to be choosing a lie.  The realest extraordinary is always found in the ordinary.  The extra everyone’s looking for – it’s found in ordinary.

– Marjorie Knight

I hated this book.  And I am so glad I read it.

From the beginning, I felt an oddly personal loathing toward the insecure, approval seeking main character of The Interestings, Jules Jacobson.  Even opening the book filled me with dread.  At first, I made this the book’s fault.  I decided it was a terrible book.

Then I remembered: When I have a strong, visceral reaction to a book, it often has something to teach me.

Spanning decades, The Interestings follows the lives of six teenagers – Jules, Ethan, Ash, Kathy, Graham and Jonah – who become friends in the early 1970s at a performing arts camp called Spirit-in-the-Woods.  While drinking vodka Tang cocktails…

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