Art. Music. Life. Et cetera.


This is the personal blog of “Dragon”, aka Lurhstaap and many other names. I am the primary content writer for, and I also occupy my time with art, listening to music, caring for a small menagerie of pets (two dogs, seven cats, and a bearded dragon), and gardening (I grow cannabis, tomatoes, and whatever else I can keep alive – right now we have a basil plant and we’re trying to nurture rooted cuttings from thyme and sage). This blog mostly serves as an object for reblogging things I find interesting, important, or otherwise worthy of remembering or emphasizing. I also post photos/scans of my art sometimes, and occasionally write more creatively, or even more traditional journal-style stuff on occasion. If I reblogged one of your posts and you would like me to take it down, comment here and let me know.


Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. andrealee4691 said:

    Thank you for reblogging my “Interestings” post. Your art is beautiful, and I wish you well.


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