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We must die to be reborn

So I managed to get some of my paintings photographed and put up on Bookoo. I’ve not bothered to try to sell my art in many years because it never works out, but, hell, I’m almost 30. I’m not an inexperienced, overeager teenager with more enthusiasm than ability anymore. Maybe it’ll go better this time. And if it doesn’t, I’m no worse off than I was before, so I might as well give it a shot. Most of what I photographed for sale is older work, so I can make room for newer stuff, but I included my newer acrylic paintings too. The oils are still drying and will probably get at least one more layer of paint apiece so I didn’t want to photograph them yet. The one with the coconut oil base kind of got messed up anyway.. I set it upright to dry and the paint all ran in this bizarre way which looks cool in some places but messed up the overall image. I did my best to fix it but it’ll never be the same. Ah well.

Anyway, here’s what I did get scanned. If by some miracle someone reading this actually wants to buy one of these, visit Bookoo Art Sales. Alternatively, e-mail me at if you do not live in my area and we can work out a deal. Nonlocal buyers will have to pay for shipping. I accept cash (for local sales only, no cash in the mail), money orders, and PayPal. No checks please. I also do not accept Bitcoins or anything similar.


This is one of the two new pieces, done just in the last few days. It began as me just wanting to use up the paint I had left over after doing a different piece so it didn’t go to waste (since acrylics dry up so damn fast I have no good way to save unused paint left on the palette.) But then it rapidly became something of its own. Oddly, I have decided that it ‘goes’ this way definitively, even though this is upside-down relative to the angle I painted it at. But that now looks ‘upside down’ to me. Weird.


This is the other recent one. I might revisit it, touch things up, make some details better looking, add more little fish to the school at bottom left. Or maybe not. I keep feeling like it needs something but then not wanting to mess with it.

All these are from December 2007, which is the last time I got really inspired to paint and turned out a whole lot of work in a short period of time.

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